Which Room Should I Renovate First?

Finally, after months of saving diligently, you now have enough funds to renovate your home. So, where do you start? Should you refurbish your bathroom, or give your old kitchen a makeover?


Home renovation jobs are expensive, that’s why you rarely see homeowners doing major renovations very often. This makes having the right decision on the room to prioritize when it comes to a makeover even more important.


First and foremost, before you proceed on your plan to build a deck, check your existing rooms. What you need in your home should always come first before what you want. Before you call a deck designer, have your home assessed by a professional to check for anything that needs repair – maybe your roof, plumbing, insulation, or other important parts of your home. Fix what needs fixing first – and if there isn’t any, you can now go for that kitchen upgrade you’ve been dreaming for months now.


Base your decisions on your level of need for the individual rooms in your house. Sure, you want to add a new, fancier bathtub for your master bathroom, but your home office needs more lighting and better office furniture to help you work more comfortably. No matter how badly you want a bathroom renovation, if your home office is a place where you do important office work every day, you can set aside the bathroom renovation for now.


In choosing a room to renovate first, you might also want to consider any future plans. If you are planning to sell your house in the future, it will be better to invest in a renovation job that will increase the value of your home. For example, while swimming pools might look appealing, not all buyers view swimming pools as a desirable feature of a property. In fact, some potential buyers see it as a risk and a reason not to buy a house at all because of swimming pools being hard to maintain. Determine which types of the renovation will increase your home value if you’re intending to sell your home someday.